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Womens HydroPur Lightweight Thermals

Womens HydroPur Lightweight Thermals

Womens HydroPur Lightweight Thermals




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Scent-Blocking Antimicrobial Fibers Help eliminate Odors

Every year, we see new products and fabrics coming out that proclaim they can do the job.  But finally here is one that we agree with their claim. The scent blocking, or antimicrobial fibers work like a charm. 

Hydro-Pur Womens Lightweight Thermals

This is a great product that is designed to keep you warm by wicking the moisture away from your body. 
In the past, these fabrics tended to retain your body odor because of their synthetic fibers  Not any more!

This is a lightweight rib knit fabric in black color only at this time.   Wear it next to your skin underneath your other clothes.   It is light enough not to show any bulk yet a strong enough wicking fabric, engineered to keep you warm by keeping you dry.  


  • 100% Hydro-Pur fabric
  • Lightweight Rib Knit
  • Wicks Moisture Away from Skin
  • Scent Blocking Antimicrobial Fibers              
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Full Cut for Comfortable Fit
  • Performance Wear

 Assembled in Mexico of USA components

Also, on our site, we now sell EMS "Climatize" long underwear for women", for $13 ea. pc,  made from Polartec and Made in USA.    



Sizing Chart
Measure Small Medium Large X-Large
 Bust (tops)  32/34  35/37  38/40  41/43
 Hips (bottoms)  34/36  37/39  40/42  43/45