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Thai Silk Mens Shirts

Thai Silk Mens Shirts

Thai Silk Mens Shirts





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100% Thailand Silk

 Silk is the natural filament produced by silkworms which are a type of moth that feeds on the mulberry bush. Silkworms are caterpillars, not worms. They spin their cocoons using a complex set of mechanisms within their bodies when they change from larva into pupa.

Thai silk is produced by Thai caterpillars raised on Thai mulberry leaves by Thai weavers in Thailand, primarily on the Korat Plateau in the country's northeast region. Chaiyaphum, just north of Korat province, Thailand

 Discover the warmth, and softness of Thai Silk.

Collar and button closeup

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Thai Silk Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Since our Thai Silk Boxer shorts have been so popular, We have now added these beautiful, long sleeve, button down shirts made of the same, high quality silk material from Thailand. 

Silk keeps you warm.  That's why we sell so many of them as our website caters to people trying to beat the cold.  And we know we have the best price.    Because we buy direct from the factory in Thailand, where the silk comes from. 

The stylish, men's long sleeve, button shirts are a deep, opaque black color with small, matching buttons. There is a standard 5 in. by 6 in. left breast pocket. 6 button design. Collars are not button down.


We plan to add more colors at a later date.  Wholesale discounts available. 

We stock these shirts (as all of our products found on this website), in our warehouse in Pennsylvania, USA.  So you can be assured of getting your order quickly.  We ship US Postal service Priority Mail in the US and 1st class mail internationally.   

Washing instructions from the manufacturer: 

Use any good quality soap. Do not use acid or chlorine.  

Wash by machine or hand.

But avoid the use of brush.  

Use low temperature for ironing.    

Do not squeeze or twist but soft resisting pressure is required. 

Sizing Chart - Chest Size

    Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
     38-40  42-44  46-48  50-52
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