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Small Ditty Bag

Small Ditty Bag

Small Ditty Bag


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Sil-nylon   for Weight & Strength.

This little bag stays in my side pocket where i can easily access it as i use it almost every break for something.

"Ditty Bag"

or Small lightweight catch-all bag


A small sil-nylon bag with zipper for your small items.
Here's what i put in mine: Knife and Spoon (Ginsu and Aluminum spoon) Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Reading glasses, Chlorine (water treatment in visine bottle), Lighter, (Bic) Bottle with Aspirin & Pills, spare AA batteries, Dental Floss and Sewing needle, Flashlight: Photon II Microlite, pencil, Sharpie,foam ear plugs, neosporin packets, band aids.